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Stroke FAST - how to know if someone is having a stroke.  Emergency First Aid Courses - Frequently Asked Questions    
FAST for Stroke First aid FAQ’s HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation HLTAID003 Provide first aid (refresher)
Many years ago as a probationary ambulance officer. I attended my first stroke victim. He was an elderly gent that had never really been ill before, so his presentation alarmed his wife to the point that she called for an ambulance… Read More Not sure where to start? All your first aid training questions answered. Read More HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation is designed for people that need to have a specific certificate for CPR, defibrillation and oxygen administration all combined. This certificate is valid for 12 months… Read More The HLTAID003 Provide First Aid refresher course is for those people that have completed a first aid course before and their certificate is still current… Read More
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Why practical first aid makes some people nervous Changes to treating a drowning victim Diabetes and first aid Choking- an interesting observation
In a recent survey conducted by Emergency First Aid we asked @9000 past students how they felt prior to starting their first aid course, and the results were a resounding ‘nervous’… Read More One of the updates to the treatment of a drowning victim is NOT to attempt to drain clear water or froth that accumulates in the airway during resuscitation… Read More As a Paramedic I am no expert in diabetes and all its intricacies. However, I am regularly tasked with managing a patient that has had a hypoglycaemic episode… Read More Management of the choking casualty in Australia somewhat differs from other parts of the world. In the US and UK for instance the Heimlich manoeuvre is utilised… Read More
 Emergency First Aid Training - Burns Management  Emergency First Aid Training - Resuscitation with a Defibrillator  Emergency First Aid Training - Unique Student Identifier  Emergency First Aid Training - Agonal Respirations
Burns Management Resuscitation with an AED Unique Student Identifier (USI) Agonal respirations
A gas explosion  in Ravenshoe in Queensland a few years back, gives some insight into how quickly events can unfold. Allegedly a car collided with some gas cylinders at the back of a cafe… Read More  AED Safety Considerations Electrical Shock Recent tests have shown that if the patient’s chest is dry and the pads are stuck to the chest correctly, the risk of electric shock is very low, because… Read More A USI is a reference number made up of a series of numbers and letters. It creates a secure online record of all of your nationally recognised training… Read More Even if a little out-dated, at 1:36 sec into this clip there is a good example of what are known as agonal respirations, this is NOT normal breathing and CPR should be commenced… Read More
 Emergency First Aid Training - First aid in emergency situations  Emergency First Aid Training - Chest Pain
First aid for emergency situations  Chest pain assessment
When an emergency strikes, there’s no time to start researching how to respond. For your own safety and the safety of your friends and family, it’s a good idea to learn about emergency protocol and first aid methods… Read More  As a good first aider I am sure that you are conversant with using a few mnemonics to help you remember first aid procedures. Sometimes it is difficult to remember all the steps… Read More