Extension to lockdown announced for Victoria until 27th July.

Dan Andrew

Due to the current level of community transmission of coronavirus in Victoria from the recent New South Wales (NSW) incursions, the current lockdown will be extended and travel to Victoria using Red Zone Permits will be temporarily paused, to ensure we run this Delta outbreak to ground.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has declared that the current restrictions in Victoria will remain in place for at least another seven days in order stamp out this Delta variant and keep Victorians safe.  

Just over a week ago, the Delta variant made its way into our state from NSW and since then, Victoria’s contact tracers have worked around the clock to contain this virus but today we still stand with 85 active cases and:

  • more than 15,000 primary close contacts in quarantine
  • more than 250 exposure sites online stretching from Phillip Island to the Mallee; and
  • daily cases in double figures.

This is how quickly the Delta variant is moving – faster than anything Victoria’s public health experts have seen before it. It means we need to limit movement for a longer period of time so contact tracers can get ahead of the virus, instead of just keeping pace with it.  

This means that current settings will continue for the next seven days until Tuesday, 27 July at 11.59pm. There are only five reasons to leave home: getting the food and the supplies you need, exercising for up to two hours, care or caregiving, work or education if you can’t do it from home, or to get vaccinated at the nearest possible location.

Shopping and exercise must be done within 5kms of your home or the nearest location.

It also means face masks will remain mandatory indoors (not at home) and outdoors unless an exception applies – this includes all workplaces, and secondary schools.