Problems viewing videos?

There have been updates to Chrome in the past which have required some changes to the way that cookies from Safetyhub were delivered to the browser.  This has led to some RSS feed issues for some users.

If you clear the cookie cache it should fix the issue.

You can do this just for Safetyhub cookies by:

  1. Going to the window that the video error is showing in
  2. Opening the Chrome Developer tools by any of these methods:
    Navigation: View -> Developer->Developer Tools
    Windows Shortcut:
    Mac Shortcut: Shift+Command+c
  3. Open application tab and scroll down to Storage -> Cookies
  4. Toggle the Cookies drawer open and right click on the cookie
Videos not playing on online learning material.

5. Select ‘Clear’ from the context menu
6. Close developer tools and reload the page

That will reset the cookie for Safetyhub with the new security settings.