Why practical first aid makes some people nervous

Emergency First Aid Training - Why practical first aid makes some people nervous

In a recent survey conducted by Emergency First Aid we asked @9000 past students how they felt prior to starting their first aid course, and the results were a resounding ‘nervous’.

  • 38% stated that they were nervous before doing a first aid course
  • 33.85% didn’t know what to expect
  • 16.6% stated that they were scared to do a course; they didn’t want to be singled out or embarrassed

According to survey results, most people weren’t too bothered by the online program or workbook, it was  however the practical day  that had them all worried.

Interested to know why people were so nervous about the practical component of their training, we delved a little bit further into the responses and found the  2 most common reasons for feeling nervous to be;

  • bad  training experiences in the past, and
  • pressure to perform in front of the trainer and others.

Armed with this knowledge we immediately set about training our trainers to be empathetic to the anxiety and nerves in the room, and mindful of making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed for the duration of the practical session.

6 months on from the initial survey we again asked students how they felt prior to stating their first aid course and were pleasantly surprised to be met with the following responses;

  • 99.41% of students would recommend our courses to others
  • 99.70% of students left confident in their ability to provide first aid.

Results aside, our primary reason for writing this blog is to let you know that we know and understand that everyone is different and that learning first aid can be quite a scary thing for lots of people.

Yes, you will need to physically demonstrate your CPR competency on a manikin, but you will be but one of several people doing it at the same time. And I can guarantee that the trainer is not going to stop the whole class and shout “you are doing it wrong”.

This is adult education and you will be treated as such, in a courteous and respectful manner.

If you have any questions or concerns about your ability to perform CPR on the floor please give us a call  at Emergency First Aid on 1300 301 193.