Survival First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid Kit

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50 x Adhesive First Aid Strips

1 x Adhesive Tape ? 2.5cm x 5m

2 x Antiseptic Gel Sachets 1g

1 x Antiseptic Healaid Cream 25g

1 x Bandage ?? Conforming 7.5cm x 1.8m

1 x Bandage ? Crepe Heavy Support 10cm x 2m

1 x Bandage ? Triangular

3 x Bag? Resealable medium

5 x Cotton Tips

1 x CPR Face Shield ? Disposable

2 x Eye Dressing Pad

1 x First Aid Booklet

5 x Gauze Swab 8 Ply 7.5cm x 7.5cm

2 x Gloves ? Nitrile

1 x Instant Cold Pack

1 x Instant Heat Pack

12 x Safety Pins

2 x Saline Pods 20ml

1 x Scissors

3 x Splinter Probe

1 x Thermal Rescue Blanket

1 x Torch Emergency Wind Up

1 x Tweezers

1 x Whistle Plastic with Clip

2 x Wound Dressing No. 13

5 x Wound Wipes

Intended Purpose - Health Warning
Health Warning Always read the label and follow the Directions For Use
General Information / Intended Purpose A collection of equipment for the initial treatment of minor to moderate injuries
Weight 1.5 kg
  • Portable Soft Case
  • Torch & Whistle Included
  • Suitable for up to 8 People

High Incident First Aid Kit The Survival First Aid Kit has been designed specifically to ensure the possible injuries that can occur are covered with the right First Aid Items. Other items include a Wind-Up LED Torch, which does not require any batteries to operate and Whistle to attract attention in case of an emergency.