Teenager dies from box jellyfish sting at Eimeo Beach near Mackay

Box Jelly Fish

Tragic news from Mackay in Queensland where as teenager has died from the sting of a Box Jelly Fish on Saturday the 26th February.

The ABC reports that the picturesque Eimeo Beach, north of Mackay, is usually a hive of activity and joy, but it was a scene of distress as the 14-year-old staggered from the water.

It is understood the boy had several metres of tentacles wrapped around his legs and arms.
Surf lifesavers and critical care paramedics treated the boy at the scene, but he died in the Mackay Base Hospital a short time later.

A report is being prepared for the coroner.

Surf Lifesaving Queensland said volunteer lifeguards did everything they could.
“They got him out of the water and he had lots of tentacles around his legs, which they pulled off. A lot of vinegar was administered and CPR was administered immediately.”

Flags were up alerting swimmers to stay out of the water due to the Jelly Fish presence but many chose to ignore the warnings.

The Box Jelly Fish is the worlds most venomous animal.

The full story can be found at https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-02-27/teenager-dies-box-jellyfish-sting-eimeo-beach-mackay/100865654