Swimming Pool

WATER SAFETY Pools, beaches, rivers, dams, etc. are all everyday aspects of living in Australia, but also one of the major causes of unintentional death for children under 5 years old. Infants can drown in as little as a few centimeters of water. In order to keep a child safe around water there are 4 key steps you should follow in order to ensure their safety. 

Children Drowning Statistics

1. Supervise 

Ensure a toddler is within arms reach and that children have an adult close by to act if an emergency occurs. During BBQ’s or Pool Parties it is easy to assume an adult is watching the children when, in fact, no one is. It is a good idea to designate an adult to actively supervise the kids in and around water. Share the role through out the dayso that everyone gets a chance to enjoy themselves. 

2. Restrict Access 

Ensure you have proper Pool fencing. Create barriers around toddler play areas to stop them from gaining access to bodies of water. Children can often bypass enclosures that you’ve created to it is important to never rely on barriers as being effective when children they are no longer in your view.  

3. Water Awareness

Teach your kids how to swim and how to be safe around water. 

4. CPR/First Aid Knowledge

Having the skills to respond to an emergency situation could mean the difference between life and death. Learn CPR and first Aid. Hopefully they are skills you will never have to use, but booking a course with us today can literally save lives.  Book a course today by clicking here or calling us on 1300 301 193. 


Download Drowning Easy Read Fact Sheet from Kids Safe Victoria