HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation (Demo)

advresus		 (Demo)

HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation is designed for people that need to have a specific certificate for CPR, defibrillation and oxygen administration all combined. This certificate is valid for 12 months and ticks all the boxes for the life saving community. We always add this course to our advanced first aid course because we believe that it is important to have oxygen administration as a competency.

The advanced resuscitation course is much more than just a defibrillation course though and the student is expected to be able to perform CPR as normal and then again using a bag valve mask. The bag valve mask is a squeezable silicon or plastic “football” with a face mask on one end and a reservoir bag for oxygen on the other; that is used to provide artificial respirations in the non breathing patient or administer 100% oxygen to the cohort of patients that require a high concentration of oxygen. The student will learn how to measure an oropharyngeal airway and insert safely and correctly using a specialised airway manikin head. In advanced resuscitation students will also learn about the safety aspects and indications for oxygen administration using a variety of face masks. They will learn proper storage and trouble-shooting when using oxygen equipment and will be able to demonstrate their competence in 3 separate scenarios. There is a whole heap of other stuff to learn too but these are the nuts and bolts of this course.

Officially there is no prerequisite unit for provide advanced resuscitation, however it is a really good idea to have at least completed CPR in the past. We ensure that all our students are confident in their CPR abilities prior to attending our advanced resuscitation course as they must be able to grasp the basic concepts before using a bag valve mask during CPR for instance.

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